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Business consulting is a passion of mine. Working with business owners to help further goals and achieve dreams is exciting. I have been running my own businesses for 25+ years and have helped countless others achieve their goals. Through my experiences, I have tested and tried just about everything – failure, triumphs, trial and error – I have been through it all. So, if I can help you from making the same mistakes or use what I have learned over the years to fast forward your success – YES, I am all about that!

The biggest key to success for any business (in my opinion) is to know where you are going. In order to survive in today’s business world, planning is key to that survival. Strategic planning, disaster planning, goal planning, exit strategy planning and more will not only help define your business, but provide clear guidance to everyone involved.

Key services

  • Strategic planning
  • Disaster planning
  • Goal planning
  • Exit Strategy planning
  • SWOT analysis
  • Administrative overview
  • Operational overview
  • Continuing education/training

Burning Questions

Let’s start by taking a look at your company’s mission and vision statements – how does that define the direction of your company? How does it identify the course of action? Have you set goals and objectives to determine what resources you will need? Have you defined the steps and guidelines to achieve those goals?

Business consulting services are fluid and designed to meet your specific needs. No two businesses will need the same services. Let’s talk about your dreams and goals and start making them a reality. Schedule a consult today.

Business Consulting Price List (these are starting prices/based on your specific needs)

Business plan creation


New Company Start-up


Strategic Planning/Goal Planning


Disaster Planning/Exit Strategy Planning


SWOT Analysis


Administrative/Operational Overview


Continuing Education/Training Sessions

$250 for 5 hour chunks