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Helping all types of nonprofits – 501(c)3, religious organizations, educational organizations, foundations, scholarship programs, or fundraising for a specific cause.

Nonprofit organizations (and even those not organized as a nonprofit, yet) have special needs when it comes to bookkeeping and compliance. From tracking contributions and donations as restricted or non-restricted, accounting for functional and program expenses, compliance and reporting on both the federal and state levels and understanding how to bring it all together in a report format for your own analysis and for your annual report preparation. Let us take the hassle out of these important functions so you can concentrate on your passion – your mission – your nonprofit endeavor!

With more than 20 years of experience working with a wide array of nonprofit organizations, we have the skills, tools, and knowledge to help tackle all your needs! No more frustrations. . .

Experience and Services in

  • Restricted/Unrestricted Donations
  • Statement of Functional Expenses
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Activites
  • Annual Report Preparation
  • Donation compliance
  • Nonprofit Setup
  • Continuing education/training

Take Your Nonprofit Beyond the Numbers

Nonprofits hold a special place in my heart – that is why I have made working with nonprofits a big piece of my business! I want to help support the GREATNESS you are trying to accomplish, at an affordable price, and help keep you compliant so you can continue on with providing joy to others!

Running a nonprofit is more than just about the numbers – it is filled with LOTS of emotion. This often means that lots of pieces can get missed when it comes to compliance and completing the necessary steps to keep your nonprofit moving forward in your mission. I have worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations from inception and beyond. Along the way, I have developed tools, templates, and a proprietary software system that not only helps to organize you and your team, but helps to keep you compliant with all the musts on a federal and state level.

Below are just a few of the services we provide for nonprofits. No matter your needs, we can help!

Nonprofit Services Offered


Starts at $125 per month

Directory/Donation System (proprietary software)

Starts at $100 per month

Nonprofit Setup

Starts at $100

Annual Report Creation

Starts at $100

Resource Library Subscription

Starts at $10 per month

Annual Financial Reporting

Starts at $100

Continuing Education/Team Training

Starts at $100

Let's Chat

I would love to learn more about your mission, passion, and goals. Let’s chat about your nonprofit. Consultations are always free, and I am happy to provide you with an independent review, free of charge to make sure you have not missed an important step. Keeping your nonprofit on track, compliant, and organized has never been easier or more affordable.


  • Am I required to be a nonprofit to accept donations?

    The short answer is - if you are collecting donations to use personally and the donor is NOT receiving anything in return for their donation - NO you are not required. However, you also cannot give the donor a letter of donation for them to use at tax time.

  • As a nonprofit, am I required to give donors a letter?

    Yes, all donors that have donated $250 or more are required to receive a donation letter.

  • At what dollar amount do I need to report donations received?

    Anything over $20,000 must be reported.

  • What does your software do?

    We have perfected a proprietary software that will allow you to easily add individuals and businesses to your directory, record their donations, and generate their required donation letter with a click of a button. Not to mention, easily run reports and more. It is scalable and can grow with your organization.

    Learn more about our Nonprofit Software